Epic is back at its old tricks again Fortnite seasons used to run like clockwork

Given that we have arrived on the day that this big event was supposed to happen, I figured it was time to update this post as a reminder that it is, in fact, delayed.

After delaying season 3 once already, Epic has delayed it one more week, extending season 2, but also pushing back this Doomsday countdown event until next Saturday (June 6) at 2 PM ET. This announcement was made on Thursday, just two days before this event was supposed to happen, so I would not be surprised if you missed it. While the countdown timers were eventually reset with the new end date, they stayed the same for a while, so I would not be surprised if there was a chunk of the playerbase tuning in today expecting for there to be an event.

But again, no, it’s next Saturday, and it will likely take place with The Agency as a focal point. Not much free v bucks generator else has developed with the Doomsday device since we last looked at it. It has gotten a little…angrier, putting off even more energy, but that’s about it, and I have not seen any further map changes past the bubbling hatches and tiny ring of clouds around the Agency. Perhaps those will escalate further this week, but since they didn’t this past week before the delay, probably not.

In any case, I am still looking forward to the event, which I maintain will be some sort of hurricane that will flood most of the map. I’m not sure if that will transform the map in real time or if we’ll have to wait for the seasonal patch, but knowing Epic, it is probably the former. See you next weekend.Most Popular In: Games

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Well, Epic is back at its old tricks again, and while 10 week Fortnite seasons used to run like clockwork, they’ve so far been getting hit by lengthy delays in Chapter 2.

Chapter 2, season 2 was already extended once, pushing back season 3 until June, but Epic has just announced that it’s being pushed again, this time by only one week. This also has delayed the season-ending live event that we have a timer for that was supposed to end this Saturday. Here’s the official word from Epic: