fortnite Creative continues to expand with a diverse

fortnite Creative continues to expand with a diverse selection of modes to play and concepts to experience. For the month of May, our roundup includes new codes for Find the Button, Sniper Battle, Gun Game, Deathruns and more. No matter what you like to play, these six new codes will cure your quarantine blues.

1) Meowscles Manor [6593-2551-3381]: In this expansive map by yojj47, players must search for 11 of Meowscles hidden Diaries to complete one of the most in-depth Find the Button challenges we’ve seen. Look under couches and behind giant bicycles to get a hold of Meowscles darkest secrets. This is a well-designed map that’s lots of fun for those who love to hunt.

fortnite meowscles manor
‘Fortnite’ Creative has a new Find the Button course called Meowscles Manor. It’s one of the best codes for the month of May. ‘Fortnite’ is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile.EPIC GAMES

2) Sniper Noscope Map [4561-0891-3730]: If you’re in the mood for some tactical action after all that diary searching, try this Noscope map code from Dux. There’s no better v buck generator way to settle a score than with an old-fashioned Sniper Battle, and this map sets the scene pretty well. There’s low gravity and plenty of items that allow players to get major air in a mostly empty play space. Armed with some of the game’s best snipers, it’s your job to take down your opponent. This map isn’t fancy, but it certainly gets the job done.

fortnite sniper noscope
Get major air in this cool Sniper Noscope course.EPIC GAMES

3) Gun Game Fractured Forest [4576-0707-8977]: In this spectacular take on Gun Game from Echo, players navigate what looks like a dark and moist reimagining of Weeping Woods. Cycle through different weapons to accrue 20 Eliminations, and you’ll emerge the victor. There are lots of great Gun Game concepts out there, but this is certainly one of the more impressive new creations we’ve come across.

fortnite fractured forest gun game
Fractured Forest offers a spooky take on the Gun Game action you love.EPIC GAMES

4) 1v1 With UNRELEASED Weapons [4044-5622-4438]: Want to have a slick 1v1 experience while catching a glimpse of weapons and items not yet officially released in Fortnite Creative? This awesome code from LDOhd should do the trick. This cloistered island map not only fosters a tense atmosphere, but it’s also full of dozens of unreleased guns for players to try. It’s even got some great quality-of-life features as well, like build destroy buttons and battle timers. Even if unreleased content wasn’t part of the deal, we’d still be recommending this map to our readers.

fortnite unreleased weapons 1v1
1v1 with unreleased weapons on this course.EPIC GAMES

5) The Last “EDIT COURSE” You Will Ever Need…. [0909-4310-2163]: If you’re losing too many of those 1v1s or Sniper Battles, maybe this Edit Course from Youngie will help you improve. Its design may be simple, but the challenge it presents is worthwhile for mouse and controller players alike. Take a Grappler to scope out the course before you start, then trigger the timer and let those reflexes fly. Work your way through the mats so you can become the best editor in your Squad.

fortnite only edit course
This Edit Course has a simple design with steep challenge.EPIC GAMES

6) The 1 Stage Deathrun (Jump/Impulse King) [2991-7109-9374]: Impulse Grenades in Fortnite are, by their nature, impulsively difficult to control. However, that fact didn’t stop meep from making this absolutely ridiculous Deathrun. Use only Impulse Grenades to make your way to the top of the course, but a single error along the way will leave you crashing down to the very beginning. This task is not for the faint of heart, but it’s a great accomplishment if you manage to get it done.