Fortnite players have started sharing images of themselves cosplaying

Epic released the second season of Fornite‘s second chapter with a variety of new skins, including one called ‘Meowscles.’ As with the pug option before it, this new skin has a (very muscular) human body with a fairly realistic animal head, the result being a popular and only slightly disturbing character. Now Fortnite fans have started cosplaying as the character and they’re using real cats.

Fortnite fans are cosplaying as Meowscles using real cats

In recent days, Fortnite players have started sharing images of themselves cosplaying as Meowscles — by putting a cat on their head and then pulling their shirt collar up over the cat’s body, giving the impression of a tall, hulking and humanoid cat being. The first post to kick off the trend came from Redditor ‘BToddy’ who used what appears to be a stuffed cat toy.

That post recently went viral on the FortniteBR subreddit and was recently joined by a second cosplay from another poster, ‘Nosirkyle,’ who posted a similar picture, only with a real cat as the head:

In a comment, the Redditor said his cat was ‘a good sport’ about the cosplay, which seems to have kicked v bucks generator off a minor trend of kids attempting to take pictures with their own cats on their heads. Of course, one should take note of whether their cats want to perch on their owners’ heads — getting scratched in the face isn’t much fun.

Meowscles is one of a number of new skins that were introduced with Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2. This game season involved major changes to the game’s storyline with the addition of two warring espionage factions called Shadow and Ghost. Battle Pass skins include Meowscle, Brutus, and TNTina, among others.

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