There’s a secret challenge in Fortnite this week, apparently.

There’s a secret challenge in Fortnite this week, apparently. It’s been a bit! These things have shown up haphazardly from time to time, but they’re always a fun little way to inject a bit of mystery into the map, and it’s highly appropriate for this season built around subterfuge and espionage. This one revolves around a secret bunker in Wailing Woods where, if I’m reading this right, some bears are waging war on some gnomes. Or maybe someone is waging war on both bears and gnomes? It’s hard to tell.

Regardless, there are three parts to this challenge. First, you’ve got to find the secret bunker that contains the challenge, and you can head over to Erik Kain for that one. Then, you’ve got to find some secret honeypots. Those are marked on the daily challenge board, but we also have a guide for that if you want some more help. Then, you need to go aim some telescopes by some gnomes for the “For the Gnomes!” challenge. We’re here to help with that one.

The telescope gnomes are a bit of a mystery. Why do they need to have telescopes aimed near them? What does this serve? It’s unclear. But you need to aim telescopes near five of them, and luckily all are located in Wailing Woods. Here’s where to look:Today In: Games


You’ll run into at least one of these randomly after leaving the bunker, there’s really no way around it. They’re all super tightly clustered, so once you figure out that you don’t need to leave the immediate vicinity, the whole thing gets a lot easier. You can get this all done in a minute or so with plenty of time to spare for looting fortnite v bucks generator and harvesting. Interestingly enough, I had a daily challenge for searching chests, and each of the telescopes also gave me credit for that, so I supposed they’re coded as chests in the game.