Usually a flashy weapon wrap like this is a premium item

It’s a trippy one, this wrap. Usually a flashy weapon wrap like this is a premium item, but you can get it for free in Fortnite without doing much of anything. Diplo is still doing his digital residency in Fortnite’s Party Royale mode, and today at 2:00 PM ET he’s doing a show called Diplo Presents: Higher Ground. If you want some new threads to bring to the show, Epic has you covered with the Afterparty wrap.

All you need to do is log into the game from this morning until August 1 at 8:00 PM ET to claim your wrap. According to Epic Games on Twitter, you don’t even need to show up to either the show or Party Royale. You certainly could, though! The wrap is music-reactive, so it’s meant to be worn to these shows.

I haven’t gone to a ton of Party Royale events in Fortnite v bucks generator, but they’re a major evolution of how the game operates just the same. What started with the groundbreaking Marshmello concert in 2019 has morphed into a series of musical events, from the lower-key Diplo residency to the insane Travis Scott spectacle. We’ve also got movies. trailers, and panels on social justice: during a time when these sorts of events are dangerous or impossible in-person, it’s been fascinating to watch Fortnite fill in the gaps by letting us attend them in a game.

Higher Ground will be Diplo’s last show of his residency, and Epic has already given us an idea of what’s coming up. The next major show in Party Royale will be Kenshi Yonezu, who will be performing some songs off of his new album, continuing a theme of Epic featuring performers I have never heard of outside of Fortnite context. Which is all well and good: not only am I not cool, it’s been fun to hear some new songs that I wouldn’t have otherwise encountered by playing this ostensible battle royale game.

For now, however, catch the finale of Diplo’s residency at 2:00 PM ET by logging in and heading to the mainstage of Party Royale. Bring your brand-new music reactive skin while you’re at it.